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3rd July 2018

Wimbledon Meringue Recipe

With Wimbledon taking over our lives once again, Lees of Scotland have created the perfect treat to enjoy while watching your favourite players take to the court.

Juicy strawberries served with fresh cream and crisp meringues

Very little cooking time and takes 15 minutes to prepare. (Serves 8)

Ingredients for the Juicy Strawberries:
800g Fresh Strawberries
100g Caster Sugar
1tspn of Lemon Juice

To serve:
800ml Extra Thick Double Cream
8 Lees Meringue Nests
Spring of mint

1. Wash and hull the fresh strawberries.
2. In the bowl of strawberries, sprinkle the sugar evenly, add the lemon juice and leave to infuse, until ready to serve. (Allow at least 15 minutes for sugar to dissolve).
3. When ready, place the meringues onto the dish, spoon in the cream and layer the strawberries.
4. Drizzle the left-over juice over each meringue.
5. Add a spring of mint and some whole strawberries to garnish
6. Serve straight away and enjoy!


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