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21st June 2017

Sales of Lees Macaringues soar into the summer

It is not only the temperature that has been rising, the sales of our Macaringues have been sizzling up the scale!

These low calorie, almond flavour meringue shells have been a massive hit with sun worshipers across the country with people hosting summer parties and celebrations.

Our Macaringues are extremely versatile and can be enjoyed at any summer celebration from an afternoon tea to a BBQ and even at a wedding. They can be included as part of a dessert or served as a canape. There really is no end to the occasions where they can be enjoyed!

This is the first Lees product to be both gluten free and nut free and with their extremely low calorie count they are the perfect guilt free snack.

We really are delighted you have been enjoying them so much and we hope you continue to do so.

Lees Macaringues can be found in the dessert aisle in Tesco and Morrison’s stores nationwide.

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