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10th February 2017

Sales of Lees Macaringues are on the move

Lees Macaringues have just experienced their biggest sales hike since we launched them in October and we couldn’t be more excited!

The products have been such a huge hit with consumers and now we are pleased to share with you that from the 27 March they will also be available to buy in Morrisons stores nationwide in addition to Tesco, where they are currently available.

Macaringues are extremely versatile and can be enjoyed at celebrations from an afternoon tea to a dinner party and even at a wedding. They can be included as part of a dessert or served as a canape. There really is no end to the occasions where they can be enjoyed!

Lees Macaringues can be found in the dessert aisle in Tesco stores nationwide as well as in Morrisons stores from the 27 March.

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