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22nd March 2018

Klaus Perch-Nielsen

It is with deep sadness that I write about the tragic death our Non-Executive Director, Klaus Perch-Nielsen, aged 80, on Thursday 15th March. He died in a freak accident when he was hit by a falling branch, in the garden he loved at his home just outside Inverness.

Klaus became involved with Lees over 25 years ago when he invested in the business to keep it operational. Without Klaus’s involvement, it is unlikely the Lees business would have survived and it certainly wouldn’t have been the Company it is today. He was a tremendous supporter of the Lees business over all these years. He loved being involved with Lees, and he continued to attend Lees Board meetings with the same enthusiasm and keen interest he had shown when he first started. I have a lot to thank Klaus for. His kindness and friendship will be greatly missed by everyone at Lees.

Clive Miquel
Chief Executive

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